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A credit union is a cooperative not-for-profit financial institution organized under the supervision of the National Credit Union Administration. Credit unions traditionally have been organized by a group of people having a common bond as defined in its charter. The goal is to combine their funds to work for the mutual benefit of all members. The two significant goals are to promote thrift and provide low cost loans. The objective of the credit union is to help members manage their money through systematic savings and intelligent use of credit. Our philosophy has always been to go the extra mile for members.

Each member of the credit union is a part owner of this cooperative. Therefore, your credit union is always willing to help every member of the credit union achieve their financial goals. Since our first day of business in February of 1975, we have provided over $100 million dollars in loans to our members. Today we continue to provide cost effective financial services for all of our members and to continually develop new services in a rapidly changing financial environment.

The credit union charter defines the credit union field of membership (who may join) the credit union. Our charter currently includes the following field of membership to the SUNY Fredonia Federal Credit Union:

  1. SUNY Fredonia employees & their families
  2. SUNY Fredonia Faculty Student Association & their families
  3. Employees of the SUNY Research Foundation & their families
  4. Employees of Campus and Community Children’s Center & their families
  5. Alumni of SUNY Fredonia & their families (Alumni of the college constitutes any individual who has previously attended or has graduated from SUNY Fredonia)
  6. Employees of the TLC Health Network, Irving Campus & their families.

The credit union continually seeks additional employee groups to broaden the field of membership and to expand our services. If you are aware of an employee group that is looking for a credit union membership, please let us know. The credit union's main office number is 673-3585.

We would be glad to provide you with additional information concerning membership at the SUNY Fredonia Federal Credit Union or additional information on services offered. You may contact any of our member service representatives at either the main office at G139 Williams Center, Fredonia, NY, or at the branch office located at the TLC Health Network, Irving Campus.

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