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EMV, or Chip Cards: What You Need To Know

The US is adopting a significant change in how credit card payments are processed in stores, which will have consumers inserting cards equipped with this special chip rather than swiping at the checkout counter. With about half of the world’s credit card fraud manifesting in the US due to our continued use of magnetic stripe cards, these new chip cards will help reduce fraud and make your check card safer to use.

The Credit Union will begin migration to the new EMV cards, or better known as chip cards, in late 2016.  As your check cards expire, they will be replaced with a new EMV card.  Members traveling abroad may request an early conversion to the new EMV card.  The Credit Union will take every effort to ensure that all of our members are up to speed on the new appearance and features of the EMV chip cards. Please stay tuned for more information, or contact either of our Credit Union offices with any questions.




SUNY Fredonia Federal Credit Union knows it’s never too early to teach children how to save, manage and spend money more wisely. The following websites provide helpful tools and resources for kids and teens and also include pointers for parents.

Parents, a great way to get your youngster started on the road to success is by opening a Pink and Blue Savings Account before they reach 6 months of age. The Credit Union will even make their first deposit into the account based on their birth weight. For more information, please stop by or call one of our branches.


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