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As a financial cooperative we are continually working to provide our members with the most cost efficient financial services. In an era of fees for every service, we pride ourselves on not assessing our members fees for the financial services we offer. These include routine services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, Christmas clubs and sophisticated services such as the credit union check card which allows members access to ATMs throughout the world and can be used at any retailer displaying the VISA Debit symbol. Services we currently offer include the following:

Shares Account - An interest bearing account for your savings. Every member must keep $5.00 in their shares to be a member of the credit union.

No charge checking - Our share draft checking program provides you with a monthly statement, no minimum balance requirement and absolutely no charge per check. The only cost is the cost to purchase your check order or any insufficient fund checks returned to you. No charge ... no fee!

Check Card– The VISA check card operates like a credit card, however, funds are actually deducted from your checking account. You can use the credit union check card at any merchant or ATM machine that accepts VISA Debit. The credit union provides your first 5 cash transactions free each month. Additional transactions are $1.00 each. There is no charge for use of the check card at any merchant when you sign for your purchases through the credit system.

ATMs Available - The Credit Union owns 6 ATMs. Five are located on the SUNY Fredonia Campus and one is in the main lobby of the TLC Health Network, Irving Campus. There is no ATM service fee to our members using our VISA Check Card to withdraw cash from these ATMs.

Payroll Deduction - You can set up an automatic savings plan, checking account, loan repayment or club account through payroll deduction by your employer. No charge ... no fee!

Direct Deposit - We offer the convenience of direct deposit of your payroll check into your checking or savings account or a combination of both. No charge ... no fee!

Retirement Checks - You can have your entire pension check electronically deposited to your credit union checking or savings account. No charge ... no fees!

Social Security Checks - You can have your entire Social Security check directly deposited to your checking or savings account. No charge .... no fee!

Christmas Club - You can set up a Christmas Club and have a deposit automatically added to it from your payroll deposit or your retirement deposit.

Vacation Club - You can set up a deduction for that special vacation you have been planning and have the funds automatically transferred through your payroll deposit to your vacation club. No charge ... no fee!

Pink & Blue Club - The credit union will open a savings account for your new baby free of charge and also deposit $1.00 per pound of the baby's birth weight into his or her savings account. No charge .... no fee!

Club Accounts - Are you the treasurer of your local organization? Keep the checking and savings accounts for your organization? Checking statements are available monthly and it is completely free. No charge .... no fee!

IRA Accounts - We offer Traditional and Roth IRAs and Coverdell Educating Savings accounts. You can make payroll deductions to your IRA. No charge ... no fee!

U.S. Postage Stamps - The Credit Union sells individual and books of U.S. Postage Stamps. The funds can be deducted from your account or paid for with cash. We charge what the post office charges ... no extra fees!

Notary Services - Bring the document(s) you need notarized and your driver's license to the Credit Union and a Member Service Representative can sign, stamp and seal your paperwork. No charge ... no fee! (The Credit Union does not offer Signature Guarantee services.)

SAVINGS PLANS .... The credit union offers regular savings and certificate of deposit to our members. Regular credit union savings account dividends are paid monthly. If you have a credit union checking account, you receive a statement each month. If you have strictly a credit union savings account, you receive a quarterly statement showing all savings transaction. You may request payroll deduction to have funds automatically transferred to your savings account. It provides an easy way of accumulating savings.

SHARE CERTIFICATES ....The credit union offers competitive rates for all share certificates. We offer 1 year share certificate to our members. A minimum amount for a share certificate is just $500.00. Certificate rates change frequently.  For current rates, call the credit union office at 673-3585 or visit the current rates area of our website.

We offer many different loan options summarized below:

1. New & Used Vehicle Loans: We always offer very competitive rates on both new and used vehicle loans. Loans are approved quickly and in many cases you can receive pre-approved loans so that you know the maximum amount that you can borrow before you make a deal for your vehicle. Remember, you are usually better off to take the dealer rebate and then secure low cost financing through the credit union. Also available, we offer optional low cost Life, Disability and GAP Insurance. (Click Here for more information about GAP insurance)

2. Personal Loans:The amount that you can borrow unsecured in a personal loan depends on your credit score and your monthly income. No collateral is required and they are generally lower than credit card rates.

3. Mobile Home Loans: You can borrow up to $40,000.00 to purchase your mobile home.

4. Recreational Vehicle Loans: We provide 100% financing for Recreational Vehicles.

5. Shared Secured Loans: By using your savings as collateral, you can lock in the lowest rate on any type of loan. However, your savings amount is not available until this loan is repaid.

6. Computer Loans: For those of you who want to purchase a personal computer, printer or other software, we offer this unique loan for that purpose.

7. Christmas and Vacation Loans: During the holidays and summer months, we generally offer a low cost special loan at attractive rates and repayment terms. This allows members to pay off those high interest rates on credit cards with a low interest rate loan.

8. Overdraft Loans: This loan covers your Draft Account in case of non-sufficient funds.

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